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Transformer Roll Forming Production Line 300 Mm - 1300 Mm Plate Width

Transformer Roll Forming Production Line 300 Mm - 1300 Mm Plate Width

Transformer Roll Forming Production Line 300 Mm - 1300 Mm Plate Width

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Tengju

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: container packaging
Supply Ability: Two machines per month
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Detailed Product Description
Control System: Electrical, Hydraulic And Control Panels Plate Width: 300mm-1300mm
Corrugation Height: 50mm-400mm Corrugation Pitch: >=45mm
Plate Thickness: 0.5mm-1.75mm Forming Speed: Provided By The Bidder
High Light:

corrugated production line


sheet roll forming machine

pre-sale service


◆ Professional and technical personnel introduce the product features and profiles to customers, and provide decision-making information and related conditions for users to select high-end products.

◆ Actively provide the performance characteristics and various parameters of the tendering equipment through the bidding activity technical plan. Engineers and project managers conduct exchanges and business negotiations, and always welcome customers to visit the company.


After sales service

◆ Provide professional training to customers and provide technical information on product use, maintenance and maintenance.

◆ Complete the product liability specified in the product technical specifications specified in the contract to fully meet the needs of users.

◆ According to customer requirements, professional technicians can be sent to on-site technical service.

◆ On-site installation of tendering equipment, commissioning, maintenance, training of buyer personnel


Main technical parameters of the product

Raw material material SPCC, ST12, ST13, ST14 cold rolled sheet

Wing width 300-1300mm

Wing height 50-390mm

The number of wave fin stiffener slots is up to 2 (according to user needs)

Wing fin pitch 45 ≤ mm

Corrugated sheet thickness 1.0-1.75mm

Wing fin pitch error ± 0.25mm

Molding and welding speed 3~4 waves/min

Wave fin lumen gap 6mm

The total power of the equipment is about 45kW (including two welding machines)

The total weight of the equipment is about 20T

Gas source pressure 0.8Mpa

Air consumption 100L/min


The oil to be filled by the product:

(1) kerosene 10 Kg;

(2) Hydraulic oil (L-HM46) 450 Kg;

Installation equipment and tools:

(1) There should be a 10 ton crane in the factory (if the vehicle is equipped with an operator);

(2) Impact drill (can install the maximum impact drill φ22);

(3) Impact drills φ10, φ14, φ22;

(4) 200-frame level (accuracy requirement 0.02mm/m);

(5) Crowbar (length 1-1.5m);

(6) cutting machine;

(7) Electric welders and operators;

(8) Air pump (pressure 0.8Mpa, 0.5m3/min).

5-3, materials and other items required for installation and commissioning:

(1) Coil 1-2 rolls (for commissioning and final acceptance);

(2) Leveling the horn and flat horn;

(3) Make the equipment foundation according to the basic condition map, and pay attention to the waterproof treatment inside the pit;

(4) Lead the power cord to the incoming terminal of the equipment's electric control cabinet (three-phase five-wire system - -3 phase + neutral line + ground wire, wire cross section ≥ 16mm2).


Main structure and function of the equipment

2-1, the equipment is mainly composed of a discharge machine, a guiding mechanism, a hydraulic forming, a hydraulic shearing, an automatic welding and the like, and the bed is a full steel plate welded structure.

2-2, the discharge rack adopts hydraulic automatic expansion core active discharge structure, which can automatically clamp the coil and center it; and the pressure arm can prevent the coil material from spreading. The diameter of the coil is 470-520mm, the width of the coil is 1300mm, and the load can be 5 tons. There is photoelectric detection switch control for the start and stop of the discharge. There is also an unwinding feed press roller, which is mounted on a swing arm, and swings the swing arm through the oil cylinder to press the unwinder feed press roller against the coil on the main shaft to ensure that the coil material is loose in the middle of the rotation process.

2-3, the guiding part adopts the structure of rolling on both sides, and there are three guiding positions in the whole length direction of the machine tool, the guiding width is adjustable, and the adjusting mode is the self-centering mode of the left and right rotating rods, and the adjustment range is 300-1300 mm. There is a hydraulic pressing device on the feeding side, which can be clamped, fed or loosened according to the program.

2-4. The main moving guide (forward and backward movement) of the hydroformed parts adopts the HGH45 linear rolling guide, and the upper and lower movements of the template are made of steel rails. The front die pusher has an aspect ratio greater than 1.3:1; the rear formwork (template that does not move back and forth after pressing the material) is provided with adjustable support to adjust the support points when forming corrugated plates of different widths.

2-5, the hydraulic shearing part is used to cut the corrugated board and fold out the 90° flange. The upper and lower movement of the scissors is controlled by a solenoid valve, and a rack and pinion synchronization mechanism is added. The scissors can be moved in the fore and aft direction (200 mm stroke) to follow and position the desired position between the two sets of corrugated plates while the forming machine continues to operate. And you can choose to fold or not to fold according to the requirements of different products.

2-6, corrugated sheet automatic welding machine: the wave fin end welding is completed on this single machine. It mainly comprises two adjustable width sliding tables, each of which is provided with a corrugated plate positioning mechanism, a pair of welding jaws, a set of welding torches and a running mechanism thereof and a set of reinforcing rod positioning clamping mechanism. Two gas shield welders are also available. The two sliding tables are respectively mounted on the rolling guides on both sides, and the left and right rotating screws are rotated by the width adjusting hand wheel, and the driving sliding table is moved in the center to adapt to the corrugated plates of different widths. The welding torch travel mechanism is driven by a servo motor, and the corrugated plate positioning and the welding jaw positioning clamping mechanism are driven by the cylinder.

2-7, electrical part: using PLC and touch screen digital automatic control plus manual control. Automatic control can directly input parameters to set the wave number, wave height, pitch, length of both ends, welding speed, etc.; manual control can realize two places control. The positioning in the length direction is controlled by the encoder digitally. The system can realize the control requirements of fast forward, work advance, pressure keeping and fast retreat, and the dwell time can be adjusted from 0-10 seconds.

2-8, hydraulic part: double pump and double motor, total power 28KW; pressure adjustable, and the current pressure, temperature display instrument. The large pump is low pressure and high flow, and the small pump is high pressure and low flow. When the system pressure reaches a certain level, the large pump is automatically unloaded. The system is completely unloaded when there is no action. The effective total flow is greater than 120L/min, equipped with water cooling device,

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